Covid-19 Re-Open Plan

The Findlay Market community has worked together over the last few months as we navigate these unusual times. The market continues adapt our physical layout, routines and business models to ensure that we are doing everything we can to keep shoppers, vendors and employees safe and healthy.

This page is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on current processes and procedures. We also have provided a way for you to provide your feedback, insight, thoughts, concerns and observations. 

For a comprehensive overview of our lessons learned and re-opening plans, please read our updated plan: Findlay Market COVID-19 Review & Re-Open Plan.

To submit a concern, observation or suggestion related to COVID-19 market procedures, please click here.


Starting July 9th, 2020, the City of Cincinnati requires that all individuals must wear a mask over the individual’s nose and mouth when entering, exiting, or waiting in an indoor line to enter a place of business that is open to the public, and while inside a place of business in the areas within the place of business that are accessible to, and are intended for the use of, the public.

Masks will also be required to be worn by all merchants, merchant employees and Findlay Market staff.

Please come prepared to the Market. Customers will not be allowed to enter the Market House without a face mask.

For more information on the City of Cincinnati’s Mask Ordinance, click here.


  • Enhanced One-Way Traffic: At peak times, market exterior doors will be locked to require entrance at North and South Tower to limit entry and minimize cross traffic contact.

  • Required Temperature Checks: All CFFM staff and vendor employees will be required to check in at Market Center.

  • Required Masking: The City of Cincinnati requires all individuals wear a mask when entering, exiting, or waiting in an indoor area. All customers, CFFM Staff and Vendor Employees will be required to wear face masks.

  • Limiting/Staggering Outdoor and Prepared Food Vendors: Limit the onboarding of new outdoor vendors and discourage ‘festival’ atmosphere for market until restrictions are loosened in Ohio.


Washing Hands

  • New public hand washing station added using sinks by the indoor seating area

  • New hand sanitizer dispensers added to vendor and public restrooms, serviced by Cintas

  • Hand sanitizer provided by ‘Chele Hobbs’ Distillery with available at the Market Center

Temperature Checks

  • Temperature Check Station added at Market Center – CFFM staff and vendor employees check in at Market Center to get temperature taken

  • Employees should be fever free without medication for 72 hours before returning to work


  • Procured 2,000 surgical masks for vendors and Findlay Market staff

  • All CFFM staff members are required to wear masks when at the market or at the Findlay Market Shopping App headquarters

  • Gloves provided to CFFM staff – required for all workers in the Findlay Market Shopping App headquarters



  • Signs placed at all entrances reminding people to wash their hands, practice social distancing and avoid touching cases

  • Signs placed at every market stand, imploring people not to touch the display and to practice social distancing

  • Floor decals in the market house indicating where people should wait and creating ‘queueing’ areas for high traffic vendors


  • Information shared on social media, website, in press releases and in monthly newsletters

  • Provided resources for SNAP eligible customers related to COVID-19 at the Education Center and Market Center

  • Regular updates to vendors with requirements and guidelines


  • All roll up doors and north tower doors open to provide a contactless entry into market house

  • Directional aisles implemented to encourage traffic patterns that reduce people having to pass/squeeze by each other

  • Sanitizing rotation heavily staffed to ensure that common surfaces are wiped down and de-sanitized constantly

  • Increased servicing of bathrooms to ensure they are well stocked and that soap and sanitizer are available

  • Instituted limited market house capacity at 256 to maintain space for social distancing

  • Upgraded video door counting system to tie together all camera counts and send notification when we are approaching or exceeding target occupancy limit

  • Removed all tables, chairs and benches to discourage people from congregating and eating on-site

  • Spread Farmers Market vendors out in the Farm Shed to create more distance for vendors and shoppers 


  • Instituted a special early shopping hour on Wednesdays and Fridays for those ages 60+ and other vulnerable populations to be able to shop more safely

  • Special early Farmers Market shopping hour on Sunday mornings from 9am-10am for 60+ and other vulnerable populations

  • Added an extra sanitizing shift at closing on Tuesdays and Thursdays to ensure a clean environment on vulnerable population shopping days

  • Encouraging use of the Findlay Market Shopping App for those that can’t or don’t feel safe shopping market


  • Launch of Findlay Market Shopping App – Immediate ramp up to 4 days per week with more than 80 orders per day

  • Supporting more than $20,000 in weekly sales through the app

  • Free pickup and delivery being provided during COVID-19

  • Designated parking spots for carry out and pick up orders

  • Merchants instituted call ahead or online ordering options, along with some curbside pick up, to accommodate shoppers

Joe Hansbauer