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Findlay Kitchen is a non-profit food business incubator, located in the heart of the historic Findlay Market district. Findlay Kitchen supports food entrepreneurs looking to start, grow and scale their business, by providing affordable access to 11 licensed commercial kitchens, commercial-grade kitchen equipment, and ample storage space. Our facility was designed and built with maximum flexibility in mind for our members, whether you're just starting out or are looking to scale your current operation.

As a food business incubator, we partner with external programs and organizations to provide the necessary training, mentorship, and resources to aid business growth. We provide wraparound business support services, and access to exclusive sales channels and opportunities, all while helping our food entrepreneurs bring healthy, locally grown and produced foods to our region.

Findlay Kitchen is a mission-driven organization that places special emphasis on cultivating women, immigrant, and minority-owned businesses, which currently comprise 80% of our member community. It is important to Findlay Kitchen, and Findlay Market, that we continue to play a positive role in growing a dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that is truly representative of our changing community. By partnering with like-minded organizations and donors, we are able to lower barriers to entry and provide scholarships and business-building growth opportunities.

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